• Day Tour

    50-acre preserve guided tour
    • Starts at $389 per person | Prices higher on peak dates
    • Spend your day with an array of wildlife
    • 3-4 hours | Activity level - Active
    • All ages welcome
    • Photos are included digitally
  • Night Tour

    Things really get wild after dark!
    • Starts at $389 per person | Prices higher on peak dates
    • Interact with incredible animals after dark
    • 3-3.5 hours | Activity level - Moderate
    • All ages welcome
    • Photos are included digitally
  • Photo Encounters

    At The Safari Lodge
    • $200 for one person | $100 for each additional
    • Photo encounter with 3 animals
    • Not a tour of the facility
    • Brief but memorable | Activity level - Easy
    • All ages are welcome - Open daily
    • Photos are included digitally
  • Private Encounters

    The ultimate one-on-one experience
    • World’s greatest animal experiences
    • Paint with chimps or swim with Bubbles the elephant
    • 1 Hour experience with lunch | Activity level - Easy to Active
    • All ages are welcome
    • Photos and videos are included digitally

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Catch a Close-Up of Bubbles, Our African Elephant

Weighing about 9,000 pounds, our sweet girl, Bubbles, at a young 34 years old, is the most interactive African elephant in North America. We rescued her in the early 1980s, when her wild herd was killed for their ivory. Bubbles was one of the lucky few that survived. Between 1970 and 1989, African elephant populations were halved as legal “regulated” trade in ivory enabled laundering of illegal ivory from poached elephants. Even after the ban in 1989, more than 33,000 wild elephants are still killed each year.
Find out how to book a private encounter with Bubbles and learn more about our animal kingdom here at TIGERS.

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