Private Encounters


If you’re wanting the ultimate one-on-one experience you can book a private encounter! This will last about one hour and will include lunch and photos/video.

These are the encounters we offer:

  • Chimpanzee: paint and play with Angada and Tara, our adorable baby chimpanzees. Take home canvas paintings and t shirts made by you and the baby apes. We will provide beautiful photos and video of this incredible time with your new animal friends.
  • Tiger Swim: Join us in our heated swimming pool with our amazing tiger kids. These incredible animals are the second most aquatic big cats and really enjoy the water. We will take perfectly posed photos, as well as candid, of you enjoying these beautiful creatures.
  • Elephant: Have an epic dip in the giant river that flows warmly along the preserve with Bubbles the elephant! Enjoy a pizza party with her to finish off this life changing experience.

If interested in booking any of these amazing experiences, contact us by filling out the form below.

***In order to have this experience we do require you to have attended either the day or night safari. Please keep in mind there is no swimming on the day or night safari, it is exclusive to private encounters.

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