Mobile Community Health Clinic Helping Uganda Gorillas

The Rare Species Fund has provided tents to help create a mobile health clinic for our partner,
Conservation Through Public Health, in western Uganda. By monitoring the health of villagers living near the
national parks, their livestock, and the health of the gorillas, CTPH is able to mitigate the transmission of
diseases between these groups.
CTPH Gorilla
Dominant silverback gorilla from the Mubare family

Mountain gorillas are highly endangered. They only exist in the wild and just over 900 mountains remain. Mountain gorillas are found in a small region of central Africa in Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Currently the biggest threat to mountain gorilla survival is no longer poaching, but rather their susceptibility to human diseases. Due to biological similarities, and the fact that they are living in one of the poorest regions of the world, mountain gorillas often contract diseases from villagers surrounding the national parks as well as their livestock.

The RSF has been working for a number of years with CTPH to help study the problems and implement projects that help increase the welfare and hygiene of local peoples and improve farming techniques, which in turn reduces the rate at which mountain gorillas are contracting human and livestock born illnesses. By providing CTPH with the necessary equipment and resources to address this challenge head-on, the RSF is helping to protect an endangered species and helping a brighter and more sustainable future to local people sharing a territory with these amazing animals.

Download the full Mobile Community Health Clinic Helping Uganda Gorillas Press Release (PDF file).

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