Press Releases

Press Releases

TIGERS Myrtle Beach Safari offers Essay Contest
Monthly Contest Winner and Family Receive a FREE Wild Encounters Tour!

Myrtle Beach Safari offers a way for families to learn more about wildlife conservation and experience a free Myrtle Beach Safari Wild Encounters Tour; by writing a winning essay. ...Read More

South Carolina General Assembly Passes Wildlife Legislation
Myrtle Beach, SC

The South Carolina General Assembly has passed wildlife legislation designed to protect the public, critical conservation efforts, and the welfare of vulnerable, threatened, and endangered species. ...Read More

Tigers Myrtle Beach Season Opens With a Roar
Myrtle Beach, SC

TIGERS Myrtle Beach Safari welcomed March in like a liger, with the grand opening of its 34th season March 4, 2017. ...Read More

TIGERS Myrtle Beach Safari announces exclusive partnership
New partnership includes four major lodging groups in Myrtle Beach

TIGERS Myrtle Beach Safari is teaming up with several Myrtle Beach lodging partners to offer an additional way for visitors to book and experience its Wild Encounters Tours. ...Read More

House Bill 3531 – Media Statement
Myrtle Beach, SC

In response to legislation sponsored by S.C. State Representatives Crawford, Clemmons, Fry, Duckworth, Hixon, Hardee, and V.S. Moss regarding Big Cats, Non-Native Bears and Great Apes (H3531), Doc Antle, founder and director of TIGERS Myrtle Beach Safari, issued the following statement: ...Read More

A Walk on the Wild Side of Myrtle Beach
Myrtle Beach, SC

Adventure-seekers no longer have to go to the continent of Africa for a wildlife safari. Myrtle Beach Safari is a Myrtle Beach, SC adventure walk through 50-acre preserve with tigers, wolves, leopards, chimpanzees, orangutans, an African elephant, great apes, eagles, a liger and uncommon binturongs. A slow and leisurely walk about the Preserve allows guests to see animals up-cl ...Read More

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