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Our T.I.G.E.R.S Preservation Station experience
Honey & Pine at T.I.G.E.R.S Preservation Station

Normally I’m very chill but seeing those baby animals so close made me want everything to hurry up so I could get their furry little faces in my hands. I legit can’t remember the last time I was so excited about something. ...Read More

The Rare Species Fund Provided the First Anti-Poaching Drone for Use in the National Parks
Myrtle Beach,SC

The Rare Species Fund provided the first anti-poaching drone for use in the national parks by the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA). The drone is currently being used in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest which is home to the largest population of the world’s 900 remaining mountain gorillas. The Impenetrable Forest was aptly named because the steep, mountainous terrain and ...Read More

Reestablishing a Plan for the Future for Sumatran Wildlife
Myrtle Beach,SC

The Rare Species Fund has solely funded the rebuilding and reopening of the Soraya Forest Research Station in Sumatra in collaboration with Forum Konservasi Leuser (FKL). Upon commitment by RSF to fund the project, FKL signed an official agreement with the Aceh Forestry Department to manage 19,000 hectares of lowland Benkung forest. ...Read More

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